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casablanca furniture
At Casablanca, our passion is to achieve beauty and quality in each furniture piece. This ethos is embodied in our visually evocative furniture pieces that are synonymous with art in the interior; pieces that sit in harmony and enrich interior spaces; pieces that are a signature of contemporary style and luxury.


our design approach treats furniture not just as an object, but a contributing piece of functional sculpture in the visual feast of a sumptuous interior.
our furniture collections are designed and carefully crafted with an emphasis on quality, timelessness, and addressing the demands of modern lifestyle in the twenty-first century for our global clientele.

our furniture

beautiful, elegant, functional

It is our passion to create high-end furniture with designs that are informed by the inherent beauty of raw materials such as natural stone, marble, travertine, and timber, and inspired by various cultural influences, time periods, historical monumental architecture and beautiful interiors.

Whilst during our design process, from time to time we look to historical references to gain inspiration, we are a team of futurists with an emphasis on original, functionally beautiful and timeless furniture pieces that address the lifestyle needs and demands of life in the twenty first century for our global clientele spanning across Australasian markets.

Born in Melbourne, Casablanca is a brand encompassing the dreams of four entrepreneurs passionate about furniture design, marble, architecture and interiors. We set about to create luxury pieces with a point of difference, inspired by travels, history, literature, art and architecture. We aspire to create to enrich interior spaces and the everyday lives of each of our patrons. Casablanca Furniture, designed to be loved.

We can tailor and custom design furniture pieces for projects. We offer a bespoke and custom design service for projects in the Retail, Hospitality and Hotel Industries.

Our designs consider the essential nature of furniture. We believe that furniture is the vehicle for the experience of space and interiors. What would the most amazing house in the world be without a beautiful table or chair? Quality furniture enables us to live and maximize the usability of spaces, to wine and dine, to relax, to sleep, to sit and read. So much of lives are connected to furniture without perhaps realizing it.
CASABLANCA Furniture. Designed to be Loved.