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Casablanca is the imagined state of the ideal architecturally designed house, a blank canvas interior, a starting point or “Casablanca” filled with our dreams of sophisticated, luxury furniture pieces designed to fit in perfect harmony with the interior spaces, elegant pieces made of beautiful materials that fulfill our previously unrequited love for furniture. Our furniture pieces are world inspired and designed for contemporary living by our team of Australian furniture designers, architects, and interior designers.

Our Story

our philosophy

At Casablanca, we place an emphasis on luxurious and beautifully functional designs. Furniture made with quality materials, reminiscent of luxurious interior spaces from the defining architectural masterpieces of the past. Our design approach treats furniture not just as an object, but a contributing piece of functional sculpture in the visual feast of a sumptuous interior. Casablanca furniture pieces are elegant compositions of the past, present, and future, and are designed to be synonymous with art in the interior, as pieces that sit in harmony and enrich the interior space; they are a signature of taste and contemporary style for our clientele. From our passion for beautiful materials and contemporary design, we have set out to provide our customers with luxury furniture for the interior spaces of today and beyond.

Our designs consider the essential nature of furniture. We believe that furniture is the vehicle for the experience of space and interiors. What would the most amazing house in the world be without a beautiful table or chair? Quality furniture enables us to live and maximize the usability of spaces, to wine and dine, to relax, to sleep, to sit and read. So much of lives are connected to furniture without perhaps realizing it. 

2020 Collection

Our Furniture

Our furniture designs are derived from a detailed approach to the creative process, that is informed by the beauty and natural quality of raw materials such as natural stone, marble, travertine, timber, and steel. It is a manifesto created in furniture of a passion for beautiful interiors, inspired by many cultural influences and time periods, among them, the grandeur of historical monuments; the grandeur of old European castle interiors, of richness of natural stone used in French Chateaux; the minimal yet luxurious application of marble interiors found in contemporary modernist European and American architectural masterpieces of the twentieth century, the richness and renewable nature of timber in Asian architecture. Whilst during our design process, from time to time we look to historical references to gain inspiration, we are a team of futurists with an emphasis on original, functionally beautiful and timeless furniture pieces that address the lifestyle needs and demands of life in the twenty first century for our global clientele spanning across Australasian markets.

I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.

Elsie de Wolfe Interior Decorator

The smallest detail should have a meaning or serve a purpose.

A.W.N. Pugin Architect

Art should be created for life, not the museum.

Jean Nouvel Architect

The home should be the treasure chest of living.

Le Corbusier Architect

Beauty will result from the form and correspondence of the whole

Andrea Palladio Architect