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Feel-good Home

For most of us, even if we haven’t specifically set an intention to create a “feel-good” home, it’s something that we would like to come home to, whether we live individually, with a family or with friends. We would like to come home to a sanctuary, a comfortable place where we can relax, kick back and enjoy ourselves. Creating a positive energy that resonates with our personal lifestyle through the interiors of our home helps us all live happier and healthier lives at home. Sometimes the best way to refresh our interior spaces is to give them a dramatic overhaul, to de-clutter, to renovate, to re-decorate and to re-configure the way our spaces are utilized to be more effective, practical and tailored to our everyday lifestyle. Other times simple touches and additions to our existing spaces can uplift and change your mood entirely.

Creating a reading retreat or home spa.

Sometimes setting aside some space in your home for a small reading corner, which might be as simple as a comfortable chair and beautiful side table with some natural light will encourage us to take the time to have some quiet time to ourselves to read a book, e-book or your favourite digital magazine, or kick back and listen to a podcast. Sometimes a little “me” time to unwind after a long day or week is the best way to create a “feel-good” home.

A home spa doesn’t need to be as fancy as it sounds. Cleaning your bathroom and lighting some candles with your favourite scents to set the mood and replacing plain old towels with more luxurious or colourful ones, and finding some music whilst you relax in the bath is all it takes to make you bathroom feel like a home spa. 

Sometimes a little “me” time to unwind after a long day or week is the best way to create a “feel-good” home.

Deep clean and de-clutter

It’s so easy for some rooms in our home to become cluttered, especially if they are a spare guest room or a less used space like a rumpus room or study. So often these subsidiary spaces in our home become storage facilities for laundry, ironing and containerized clutter. Think of how you might ideally like to use your space room and consider letting go of some items or finding a way to store them and organize them effectively so that your space can look and feel relaxing and actually provide you with the functionality that you originally intended for it. Once you de-clutter you might find that you can add some new décor touches to enliven and envigorate the space like a colourful print or painting, or new linens or side tables which can change the way you view your space. It also doesn’t hurt to change up the function of a space, if it was previously a study but you’re no longer using it as one, why not make it your new home gym? Or a small home cinema for the family? Enjoying the spaces we have in our homes together as a family or to improve our wellbeing adds to feeling good in our homes.


Most of us could do with better organization in our homes to improve our day-to-day living. Organisation in the kitchen pantry and wardrobes are usually the most rewarding. Professional organizers can do this but if you have a bit of time up your sleeve a little bit of categorizing, and labelling will help change the way you cook dinner or get dressed in the morning.

In the pantry:

 It takes a little bit of time to categorize, label and find a home for each item, but a well organized pantry will save a lot of time and frustration in the kitchen when you’re looking for that extra jar of pasta sauce. Categorising pantry items which are paired in meals such as pasta next to the pasta sauce, or getting a spice rack organizer, containerizing and labelling dried goods and using baskets to group baking items together will make your kitchen a feel good space the next time you decide to cook.

In the wardrobe:

 Organizing the our wardrobes or drawers into categories  and sometimes even colour grouping things such as work-clothes; t-shirts; vacation-wear; hand-bags; suits; and leisurewear helps us easily find what we are looking for when we need it, making it easier to get dressed for the day or pack for a weekend getaway or vacation.

Sometimes the best way to feel good in our homes is to invite friends and family to come visit for a simple meal or even for a drink or afternoon tea.


Sometimes the best way to feel good in our homes is to invite friends and family to come visit for a simple meal or even for a drink or afternoon tea. Sharing our space with loved ones and people who make us happy is a great way to feel good at home and create new memories. When we’re having a dinner party and everyone is enjoying themselves, marking milestones such as birthdays and celebrating festivities such as Christmas or New Year we are usually feeling our best and happiest in our homes.

Investing in décor and furniture with timeless, investment marble furniture pieces.

Owning beautiful well designed furniture that you enjoy using in your home whether it be a marble side table, marble dining table or marble coffee table adds a touch of elevated luxury and interest to your decor and interior spaces. Having beautiful and practical pieces to both enjoy functionally and visually can make us feel good in our homes. 

Shop for some feel-good, gorgeous pieces from our latest range:


In the bedroom a timeless marble side table like our Manhattan side table can be used as a side table next to a seating area or a bedside table.

casablanca manhattan marble side table

Dining Room

A large elegant, streamlined yet understated table in the dining room can take your dining experience and entertaining to the next level.

casablanca palladio marble dining table

Living Room

Why not add some interest and fun into a formal or casual living space with the Mariposa Modular Table. It’s versatile and practical.

casablanca mariposa marble coffee table

Adding Greenery

Adding some indoor plants in empty or dead space can really uplift the mood in a room. So much of our lives are lived indoors these days, especially in the colder months, but plants can bring the feeling of a garden into your home and add a little happiness, positivity and life into a room. Consider selecting different plants for different rooms to create interest and contrast plant shapes and colours with your furniture and décor. If you don’t like high maintenance plants look for plants like succulents which don’t require as much watering. Self watering pots also help keep plants alive for those of us who aren’t home as often as we would like to be to maintain house plants.

There are plenty of ways we can contribute to a positive and feel-good environment in our homes, from simple and little touches like adding house plants to redesigning key spaces with investment furniture pieces that will stand the test of time. We hope you find what works for you in living a feel-good home life.

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